Let’s Have A Party With Hip Hop Family Tree Volume 2!

Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree Volume 1 has been a nonstop bestseller since it was released last fall, and we couldn’t be more excited about the second volume. In fact, we’re so crazy over-the-top excited that we’re gonna have a party for the book with Ed Piskor in attendance. And he won’t just be signing books! Before we settle down for drinks and comics, Ed and Reggie Ossé will sit down to talk hip hop, comics and whatever else tickles their fancy. (If you want a taste of what’s in store, take a look at this video of the last time these titans broke bread together.)

Besides the first volume, the new volume, the conversation, the creator, the drinks–we’ll also have a few advance copies of the limited edition slipcase version of Hip Hop Family Tree 1&2 available. You can make up whatever hyperbolic phrase you’d like to describe this night: it’ll probably fit. This is going to be a fantastic event and we’d love to see you there. Head over to Facebook and let us know if you’re coming!

When? It’s Sunday, August 17th, and it gets started at 7PM!

Where? At the shop! 470 Bergen Street, between Flatbush and 5th Avenue.

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